Road tax

Road Tax

With the new Road Tax rates as of 1st May 2009 you may feel a little unsure as to how much your vehicle tax will be, and so below there is a brief summary as to, dependant on the year your vehicle was manufactured, what categories there are for Road Tax.

Dependant on the vehicle you drive Road Tax is charged differently, click here for Car Tax prices and read on for Motorbike Tax and Light Vehicle Tax


Motorbikes with or without a side car have had the tax frozen in 2009 and the bands are currently based on engine size and are as follows:-

Engine Size 6 Months 12 Months
Not over 150 cc Not Available £15
151 - 400 cc Not Available £33
401 - 600 cc Not Available £48
Over 600 cc £36.30 £66


Vans registered Before 1/3/2001

Engine Size 12 Months
Less Than 1549 cc £125
More Than 1549 cc £190

Registered on or After 1/3/2001 = 12 months @ £180

Euro 4 - registered between 1/3/2003 & 31/12/2006 and not over 3500kg revenue weight = 12 Months @ £120

Euro 5 - registered between 1/1/2009 - 31/12/2010 = 12 Months @ £120

Tax Your Vehicle Online

You can also now Tax your vehicle on-line and if getting to a Post Office is difficult this could be the best option for you. How do you do this, what documents do you need and how long does it take? As an added bonus promotions are being run to encourage you to tax your car on-line, and you could be entered into a prize draw to win, for example, a Seat Ibiza Ecomotive.

Here is a brief summary to help you understand what to expect when you tax your car on-line:-

* Go to Taxdisc Direct
* Click that you want to Tax your car online
* Answer the 5 questions asked and click 'next'
* Enter either your reminder reference or Registration Number and Registration Document reference and click 'Next'
* Your MOT and Insurance validity will be electronically checked
* You will be taken to the payment page, enter your payment details
* As long as everything is confirmed as being successful, your tax disc will be issued via post and can take up to 5 working days to be received

So basically all you need is either your Renewal Document or your Registration Document, much easier than going to your local post office and after queueing up being told that actually you have brought the wrong part of your insurance schedule and that they cannot give you your tax disc! However, you must be aware that if your insurance is due to expire a few days before then it you will be able to tax on-line and will have to go to the Post Office in person.

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Updated on 23rd April, 2009

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