Child tax credits

Child Tax Credits

Child Tax Credits, sometimes referred to as Family Tax Credits are paid to people who are responsible for at least 1 child or young person and is paid straight to the responsible person.

You will need to contact HMRC and complete an application for Child Tax Credits, if you are in a relationship where you reside together you will need to enter both of your details, before completing your application make sure you have to hand details of your income or joint income as Child Tax Credits are influenced by your earnings.

You may also be eligible for Working Tax Credits and many are surprised to learn that you do not have to have children to be eligible. Again you will need to contact HMRC and complete an enquiry of eligibility for Working Tax credit. This is again assessed on your personal circumstances and earnings.

To find out if you are eligible for Child Tax Credits or Working Tax Credits contact HMRC today and complete the "Am I Eligible" questions.

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Updated on 11th June, 2009

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